HORIATIKI SALAT                                            SOUP & SALAD

Garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers       Our delicious Greek Salad now accompanied,    

  red onions, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives,                          with our phenomenal

           Greek pppers and feta cheese.                                            chicken soup

         Lunch 8.95     Dinner 9.95                                                       Lunch Only 8.95


              BAY SHRIMP                                                  LARGE GREEK

Our refreshing Greek salad topped with              A combination of crisp fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes,

       plenty of delicious bay shrimp.                        red onions, Greek olives, cucumbers, gourmet

                                                            feta cheese, marinated artichoke hearts and Greek peppers.

           Lunch 9.95    Dinner 11.95                                                         Lunch 8.95    Dinner 9.95


                GYROS                                                         CHICKEN      

      Fresh Greek salad smothered with a                 Our famous tender charbroiled chicken brochette

large portion of our tasty broiled gyros meat.                   nestled on a big, fresh Greek Salad.

            Lunch 11.95   Dinner 13.95                                                            Lunch 11.95  Dinner 12.95


     SHRIMP AND AVOCADO                                            CHOPPEP CHICKEN

Fresh avocados, bay shrimp and creamy bleu        It's the same famous chicken salad, only everything's

 Cheese dressing on top of a fresh Greek salad.            chopped to maximize the delicious flavors.

               Lunch 13.95        Dinner 14.95                                                   Lunch 12.95     Dinner 13.95




It’s our famous chopped chicken salad

     now accompanied with our tasty

               Broiled gyros meat.